Mississippi Phosphate – Phase IA Cap

KEMRON is pleased to announcement that it has been awarded a fixed-price task order for the Mississippi Phosphate Superfund site in MS. The scope is for construction of the Phase 1A cap, which focuses on the closure of the western slope of the East Gypsum Stack (EGS). Closure activities include grading of side slopes, benching, and installation of the downslope channels; and placing geomembrane cover; access road construction (~3200 LF); and temporary storm drainage culvert installation. Since 2017 under a separate task order, KEMRON, with a staff of approximately 35, has operated the wastewater treatment facility treating almost 3 billion gallons of water. KEMRON has also been responsible for maintaining the structural integrity of miles of dikes and levees that are used to contain and treat water at the 1500-acre facility. With this new task order, KEMRON’s on-site staff increased to 60 employees.

WLOX News Biloxi recently reported on the site: EPA Superfund Clean Up Underway in Jackson County