KEMRON welcomes Tim Miller, PG

KEMRON welcomes Tim Miller, PG as a senior geologist and technical project manager reporting through the Marietta office. Tim has more than 30 years of professional geology experience including both private client and USACE work. Tim hails from Kentucky where he graduated from the University of Louisville with a BS with honors in Geology. He is registered as a PG in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee and has performed and managed projects throughout the Midwest, including Brownfields investigations and remediation under the Ohio Voluntary Action Program. His technical experience includes application of MIP and USEPA’s TRIAD approach to site closure, including risk based closures, vapor intrusion investigation and remedial design for chlorinated solvent plumes, karst geology investigations, DNAPL investigations, as well as many DOT corridor projects, Phase I and IIs and NEPA work for DOT and USACE. His work experience has included RCRA and CERCLA, as well as work under multiple state regulatory programs. Tim will be supporting VI and deep well injection projects currently underway in the Marietta office, as well as proposal and document development on ongoing private and federal projects.