Welcome Back to KEMRON!

Welcome Back to KEMRON – Dan Kowalski, Janelle Kite, Trey Young and Paul Adams! KEMRON is pleased to announce that four former employees have returned to KEMRON to support our EPA Region 2 Emergency and Rapid Response Services (ERRS) contract and other projects as needed.

Dan Kowalski, Response Manager, brings more than 30 years of direct, on-scene multidisciplinary field experience in hazardous waste site cleanup as well as specialized experience managing oil well closure operations for abandoned and/or leaking production wells under the Oil Pollution Act. Dan’s experience and reputation should provide KEMRON a number of well closure task orders. In his role as a Response Manager, Dan will manage a wide range of task orders anticipated under our ERRS Region 2 contract.

Janelle Kite, T&D Coordinator and Chemist, has more than 12 years of direct, on-scene experience in chemical spill containment and cleanup, emergency response, and hazardous waste site cleanup and disposal activities including experience with disposing of naturally occurring radioactive material. Janelle has been responsible for sampling, hazcatting, and profiling a wide spectrum of wastes. She has prepared items for disposal by lab packing, labeling and placarding. She will fulfill the role of T&D Coordinator and/or Chemist on current and future projects.

Trey Young is a Project / Response Manager with over 14 years professional experience in the environmental field, working on a wide range of projects. He has extensive experience with emergency response work and confined space entry. He also brings experience with due diligence activities, soil remediation and the operation and maintenance of groundwater remediation systems. Located in Atlanta, he will support Southeast Home and Construction Services on other ongoing projects.

Paul Adams brings more than 15 years as a Field Cost Administrator (FCA). In this role for multiple ERRS contracts, Paul has provided field administrative support including support for procurement, contracts, daily reporting, tracking and documenting of site costs including labor hours. He has knowledge of EPA’s RCMS software program in which all costs are tracked during project implementation. He has knowledge of procurement and subcontracting practices, project scheduling and general site operations. Paul will also train newer FCA’s as they are added to the contract.

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