Georgia Underground Storage Tank Program

KEMRON holds an ID/IQ contract with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (GAEPD) for high priority UST sites which required site investigation, corrective action plan (CAP) preparation, emergency response and remedial system design, installation and O & M. KEMRON was assigned sites under the GUST contract at varying phases ranging from the initial release notification stage to the preparation, design, and implementation of a remedial action plan. KEMRON successfully completed work at sites from the initial site assessment to complex active remediation. Under this contract, KEMRON executed several hundred task orders (TO) Many of the task orders were fixed price and/or performance based contracts (PBC).


KEMRON personnel established a reputation for obtaining No Further Action status at petroleum release sites using risk based corrective action in the most timely and cost effective manner. KEMRON obtained well over 350 No Further Action designations from the Georgia EPD USTMP. One of the key components of the GUST contract was performing third party report reviews. KEMRON was tasked with reviewing any of the following reports: UST closure reports, corrective action plans, remedial action plans, progress reports, No Further Action Requests, and other deliverables to the EPDUSTMP. As a prerequisite to conducting the file reviews, KEMRON personnel have demonstrated extensive knowledge of the Georgia UST Act, the State of Georgia Rules for UST Management, the Guidelines for Corrective Action Plan-Part A and Part B, the UST Closure Guidelines, and 40 CFR Part 280. KEMRON provided EPD USTMP with a technical memorandum detailing the adequacy of the deliverable that has been reviewed citing specific deficiencies noted during the review.

The following represent project experience under this contract:

Circle M Site. KEMRON, operating under a fixed price, performance based contract of $1 million, completed the investigation, design, remedial system installation and final cleanup of this environmentally and politically complex site on time and with a minor budget variance. This is remarkable in light of the fact that five previously unidentified plumes were identified and remediated during cleanup. In fact, one of the plumes, from an adjacent site, was eligible for an additional $1 million in funding. This site was characterized by a substantial gasoline free product plume and thick smear zone resulting from multiple UST releases. Water supply wells were within the radii of concern, but none were initially considered to be hydraulically connected to the dissolved phase plume. However, an updated receptor survey identified a recently refurbished municipal water supply. The presence of this well along with an extensive free product smear zone raised concerns about vertical migration of dissolved BTEX into the underlying bedrock aquifer. Investigation activities included the installation and sampling of 20 groundwater monitoring wells and soil borings.

KEMRON conducted risk assessment services including fate and transport modeling, aquifer characterization and development of a saprolite / bedrock model allowing calculation of area-weighted ACL’s protective of the bedrock aquifer KEMRON demonstrated that the plume was effected by the public well pumping cycles. The high risk to the nearby receptor necessitated immediate preparation of the CAP. All remedial cleanup goals were achieved and the site has been issued an NFA.

Roswell Road Site Remediation. KEMRON, operating under a design / build PBC TO, designed a high efficiency dual phased vacuum extraction system for this site. The cleanup is complicated by the size and complexity of the plume, which extends below an adjacent business and two large residential multi-family housing units. The plume of petroleum hydrocarbons was also fully mixed with a plume of chlorinated solvents emanating from an adjacent property. KEMRON’s performance based design incorporates both plumes and required system upgrades and modifications to meet chemical treatment requirements.

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