Chemical Company Superfund Site

KEMRON completed O&M activities at a Superfund site, located south of Marietta, Ohio. The transition from the previous contractor was managed efficiently with no downtime for operations. The site consisted of three inactive waste disposal areas (North Landfill, Site A and B) and a former phenol production unit area. The disposal units and the former phenol production area were located within the confines of two operating chemical plants. The primary contaminants of concern were dioxin, furans, benzene and chlorobenzene.

KEMRON employed two full-time and two part-time personnel, who were responsible for all daily O&M activities and acted as liaisons to the local operating plants. KEMRON maintained and operated a leachate collection system; performed routine gas vent maintenance and groundwater monitoring activities; provided site security; ensured compliance of neighboring facilities with site health & safety requirements when working on the property; interfaced with regulatory agency personnel; provide mowing/cleaning/and general maintenance of client property and equipment; provided response services for spills, releases and related issues; and supervise subcontractors in specialized maintenance activities.

Numerous special projects have been completed by KEMRON on the site in support of planned remedial activities. These projects have included: preparation of a comprehensive site Health & Safety Manual; filtration, solidification and consolidation of wastewater and sludges contained in the 150 drums stored on site; inventorying, packaging and disposing of IDW and site chemicals; collection of over 400 discrete soil samples from the former phenol production area for furan analysis. Investigation of adjoining property planned for acquisition by the client; upgrading of site facilities with installation of new office and decontamination trailers; comprehensive groundwater monitoring well inventory and upgrade plan for over 120 wells.

KEMRON also provided support on remediation of radioactive slags and metal owned by the client on an adjoining property. Work included preparation of a site sampling grid and collection of over 80 soil samples for analysis of radioactive constituents. KEMRON also provided assessment, containerization, testing and shipping of 90 – 4 cubic yard containers (360 yards) of radioactive material. Activities also included over packing drums and containers of radioactive waste where the containers had deteriorated.

KEMRON provided engineering and contractor services during the closure of the North Landfill and assumed the role of facility liaison for plant and agency personnel to the client’s project personnel and contractors. KEMRON commissioned the new leachate collection system and pump station installed during the closure. KEMRON authored the Operation & Maintenance Plan for the closed North Landfill.The O&M Plan described all activities and documentation required for the site. The plan conformed to site and EPA Region V requirements and was reviewed and approved by the regulatory agencies.

KEMRON installed an operated a groundwater remediation system at the site. Approximately 50 acres of the facility is impacted by a groundwater plume, with monochlorobenzene, benzene and phenol as the primary constituents of concern. Three separate source areas are controlled with extracted water treated at an operating chemical plant wastewater treatment facility. Monitored natural attenuation was used as the remedy for fringe areas of the plume extending south toward the lower terrace of the Ohio River.

KEMRON installed 25 new stainless steel recovery wells, 11 new piezometers and 4 new recovery wells. Also, two recovery wells and one large production well were abandoned. Eighteen of the new recovery wells were operated in conjunction with two existing wells to form a hydraulic barrier along the southern edge of a closed disposal unit. The hydraulic barrier wells were powered by pneumatic pumps, operated by a control system installed by KEMRON. Pneumatic pumping systems were utilized for groundwater recovery from 3 other wells located at waste disposal units on the northern portion of the property. Groundwater recovery in the highly productive river aquifer was accomplished by the installation of four new wells equipped with electric submersible pumps. These wells were operated in conjunction with one existing recovery well, with new piping, electric, and control systems installed by KEMRON.

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