Manufacturing Client

Located in Marietta, Ohio, this former manufacturing facility encompasses 54 acres and operated from 1915 until closure in the mid-1990’s. Major industrial activities included the production of various dyes and pesticides with management, treatment and disposal of wastes in on-site landfills, wastewater ponds and drum storage areas. As a result of historical operations, site groundwater is impacted with chlorinated organics. An extensive groundwater monitoring network is maintained onsite for monitoring of the closed lagoons and landfills in accordance with the terms and conditions of a RCRA post closure permit. KEMRON is contracted to serve as the local O&M and regulatory contact.

KEMRON personnel have performed the following activities under the contract:

  • Quarterly and semiannual groundwater sampling from approximately 40 wells
  • Installation and maintenance of dedicated bladder pumps in groundwater wells
  • Weekly inspections as required by the RCRA permit, including security, waste management area integrity, well integrity and other associated site features.
  • Preparation of various reports including: Monthly discharge reports, Annual SARA 311/313 report and Annual hazardous waste report
  • Sampling and pumping the wastewater basin as needed
  • Monthly discharge sampling in accordance with POTW requirements
  • Waste management and shipping
  • Onsite representative for regulatory agency visits and inspections
  • Local contact for City of Marietta
  • Coordination of subcontractor maintenance when needed such as electricians, etc.
  • Maintain monitoring wells, locks, caps, pads, etc as needed, including well installation and closure
  • Provide support to current plant occupant as needed
  • Maintenance and replacement of filters, piping, pumps and other equipment associated with water management
  • Mowing, maintenance and trimming of landfill caps and drainage improvements (culvert and piping installations, etc.)
  • All other needed site maintenance activities
  • Emergency standby services for 24 hour on-call support

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