Solidification / Stabilization Treatability Study

KEMRON performed a solidification / stabilization treatability study for WRS Compass on materials sampled from the Edgewater, New Jersey site. Testing was conducted to determine potential reagents, and reagent addition rates capable of reducing the leachability of volatile, semi volatile, and inorganic constituents from the site materials as determined by the Synthetic Precipitation Leaching Procedure (SPLP).

KEMRON received four individual materials from the site for testing. The results of characterization testing indicated that all four materials had relatively similar physical properties, but varied widely in contaminant concentrations indicating substantial heterogeneity in the field. The treatment designs evaluated during this study were developed and provided to KEMRON by WRS Compass. KEMRON evaluated the mixture designs as a non-biased third-party laboratory. Geotechnical and chemical analyses performed on the treated site materials indicated that significant improvements in physical properties, including strength and permeability as well as dramatic decreases in leachable contaminant concentrations as determined by the SPLP were achieved with the treatments evaluated.

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