Former Custom Cleaners

KEMRON was tasked by the USEPA to respond to a contaminated site in Memphis, TN. The Former Custom Cleaners (FCC) site operated as a laundry or dry cleaner from approximately 1950 until the mid-1990s. In 2013, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) conducted investigation activities that indicated tetrachloroethylene, also known as perchloroethylene (PCE), was used during Custom Cleaners tenure at the site. In March 2015, the EPA supported TDEC Site Inspection (SI) sampling activities at the FCC site that included the collection of subsurface soil samples, soil gas samples, and groundwater samples. Analytical results for samples collected during the Site Investigation indicated the presence of a PCE source.

KEMRON demolished the existing building to allow access to the contaminated soil beneath the structure and surrounding pavement. KEMRON demolished the structure and all concrete paving in the area resulting in 23 truckloads of debris taken to a local subtitle D Landfill for disposal. KEMRON then excavated PCE contaminated soil and staged the material on site in 500 yard piles.

 KEMRON’s Field Services collaborated with the Applied Technology Group to determine the best sampling method and segregation method to limit disposal cost. KEMRON utilized a field based analytical method that combines sample purging and color metric gas detector tubes to detect total chlorinated volatiles. The method takes two minutes to analyze and results in real time determination of PCE concentrations from the excavation. This allowed soil segregate based on PCE levels and disposal criteria.

All soil was then sampled and analyzed by a certified lab prior to disposal. All soil that was able to go to a Subtitle D landfill was shipped of site. Soil over the Subtitle D limit that required Subtitle C disposal at a much higher cost was staged in smaller piles and again segregated by real time monitoring. KEMRON was able to dispose of the majority of the material at a subtitle D landfill by utilizing this segregation technique saving the client over $150,000 on disposal cost over the life of the project. KEMRON continued excavation until the source of the PCE was removed. The site was backfilled and restored with a gravel cover for a parking lot. Ground water at the site is still contaminated and the site has been added to the NPL for future remediation.

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