Retail Petroleum Company WV, OH

KEMRON is contracted with a retail petroleum company to provide environmental consulting and remediation services at 13 current and former retail petroleum sites throughout West Virginia and Ohio. These projects were transferred to KEMRON from a previous contractor due to insufficient remedial progress. Since transitioning these sites, KEMRON has obtained No Further Action (NFA) status for six sites, is awaiting regulatory concurrence for one additional site and determined the client has no continuing liability for two other sites. KEMRON personnel have conducted site investigations, corrective measures, remedial pilot testing, operation and maintenance of remediation systems, light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) hydrocarbon recovery and groundwater monitoring services for the client at their facilities.

Remediation activities performed for the client include operation and maintenance of dual phase, high vacuum extraction (DPHVE) systems, well vacuum services at selected monitoring and recovery wells using a vacuum truck, pilot testing and design of air sparge (AS)/soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems and enhanced bioremediation. Reports generated as part of KEMRON’s activities include quarterly groundwater monitoring reports, Corrective Action Plans (CAPs), initial site characterization reports, LNAPL recovery reports and environmental site assessment reports.

Representative projects include:

  • Site Investigations
  • LNAPL Recovery
  • Groundwater Monitoring
  • AS/SVE System Installation and O&M
  • DPHVE System Installation and O&M
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    Retail Petroleum Company WV, OH, KY, GA

    KEMRON has provided a full range of professional consulting and remedial service contract to a retail petroleum for more than 10 years. Services include: UST removals, site investigations, corrective measures, design and installation of remediation systems, operation and maintenance of remediation systems and groundwater monitoring services. KEMRON provides services at sites throughout West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia and has achieved “No Further Action” status for 35 sites in the last four years. As part of these activities, KEMRON prepares and submits all reimbursement applications for Georgia UST work in accordance with Georgia EPD/USTMP guidelines. The reimbursement packages are submitted with each report submittal to ensure timely payment and we maintain close working relationships with Georgia EPD/USTMP reimbursement staff to insure that activities conducted at eligible facilities are reimbursable.

    Remedial activities include the operation and maintenance of a groundwater pump and treatment/soil vapor extraction system, airsparge and soil vapor extraction systems, dual-phase high vacuum systems and bioremediation. These remediation systems include groundwater extraction pumped through an oil/water separators, air stripper then discharged to the storm or sanitary sewer. The soil vapor extraction system utilizes a vacuum blower to extract vapors from extraction wells and discharges effluent vapor into the atmosphere or through vapor-phase treatment.

    Reports generated from these projects include quarterly groundwater sampling reports, corrective action measures reports, initial site characterization reports, environmental site assessment reports, discharge monitoring reports and UST closure reports.

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