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Auburn University Remediation Project

KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc. is under contract with Auburn University to assist with the remediation of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) impacted soils on a 10-acre tract of land on the Campus. A Corrective Measures Implementation Plan (CMIP) was prepared which is the corrective measures strategy for soil remediation. The CMIP provides a comprehensive account of past activities, a screening evaluation of remedial technology alternatives, a description of the recommended corrective measure, and details regarding the implementation and schedule of the remedy at the Site in compliance with Auburn’s RCRA Permit. After receiving approval from Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM), KEMRON prepared a detailed corrective measure design for the excavation and removal of 2,200 cubic yards of Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) PCB hazardous waste soils, 17,000 cubic yards of non-hazardous waste and offsite disposal at landfills permitted for hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste disposal. KEMRON is currently performing construction oversight of this $4 million remediation project that will be the future home of a new chiller plant for the Campus.

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Lack of Government Funding Delays the Cleanup of Fort Ord

KEMRON’s five-year contract for munitions cleanup at Fort Ord comes to a close in March, and we are disappointed to hear the completion of the cleanup has been delayed due to a lack of funding from Washington as reported in an article from the Monterey County Weekly. For more information visit: Monterey County Now

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Mississippi Phosphate Protective Cover Installation

KEMRON has completed over 40% of the installation of the protective cover for section 1A of the East Gypsum Stack located at the former Mississippi Phosphate Corporation Superfund Site. KEMRON has, to date completed over $70M in site remediation at this site treating over 2 billion gallons of water and moving over 400,000 yards of material in preparation for installation of the cap. The protective cover being installed is an innovative synthetic cap incorporating a geotextile base covered with a specialized synthetic turf cover known as Closure Turf. This is the first application of Closure Turf as a long-term site closure system for a gypsum stack.

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Jet Farm Bridge Project

KEMRON was awarded a modification to the Bolles Canal contract under a South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) award for the restructuring of the canal as part of the global Everglades Restoration program. The modification was to replace a bridge across Bolles Canal on the property known as Jet Farm. The site is located in south Florida approximately 40 miles west of West Palm Beach. The project included demolishing the existing bridge, widening 200 feet of canal, relocating farmer-owned pump stations and piping, constructing concrete footings, wing walls and backs walls called endbents and placing a new bridge. The bridge selected by the SFWMD is a weathered steel bridge 90 feet long and 16 feet wide delivered to the site in 335 pieces. KEMRON assembled the bridge in the field. KEMRON staff visited the fabrication plant in Alabama and met with the design engineers to gain knowledge of the bridge components and assembly. KEMRON personnel were trained in the proper technique of bolt tensioning on a Skidmore-Wilhelm instrument rented for the project. Bolts of every Lot # and size were tested on site daily and recorded by an oversight engineer before utilized on the bridge. The main frame of the bridge is comprised of (4) I-Beams and numerous cross braces and guardrail posts. Concrete form pans are attached between the beams to support an 8 to 10-inch concrete deck which will be poured on the completed bridge. Each 90 foot I-Beam weighs approximately 25,000 lbs and was placed on the foundation endbents with a 200 ton crane. The correct placement of the beams was critical, anchor bolts in the concrete had to line up perfectly with holes in the steel beams. A crew on each side of the canal positioned the beams while communicating with 2-way radios. Crews worked from KEMRON’s deck boat in the water to bolt on the cross-braces connecting the beams together. Safety was of utmost importance due to the nature of this project. Hazards included crushing/pinching, lifting/rigging, crane operation, working over water, alligators and poisonous snakes.

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Welcome to KEMRON – Amanda Williams

We are pleased to announce that Amanda Williams has joined KEMRON as a Project Manager in our Charleston, WV office. Ms. Williams brings 4 years of environmental program management and compliance experience to KEMRON. Ms. Williams’ experience includes compliance, reporting and auditing for a variety of environmental regulatory programs including NPDES, Title V/air emissions, RCRA, SPCC, monitoring groundwater and soil, and other programs at a large metals production facility in Huntington, WV. As a Project Manager, Ms. Williams will be managing projects for commercial clients under a variety of regulatory programs including Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, RCRA and Voluntary Remediation/Brownfields. KEMRON, a small business in the environmental remediation market, provides a nationwide resume of support to the federal government and private industry providing expertise under RCRA, CERCLA, UST and Voluntary Remediation/Brownfields regulatory programs. Please welcome Amanda to KEMRON!

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