Our History

KEMRON Environmental Services, Inc. (KEMRON) has a history of delivering innovative and cost-effective solutions to the public and private sectors nationwide on a host of environmental and munitions related projects. Our services address complex environmental problems to reduce regulatory risk, remove or remediate contaminants and convert impacted properties into marketable assets. KEMRON is classified a small business under NAICS code 562910. In June 2017, KEMRON became a 100% employee owned company. This is the culmination of hard work of our employees, innovation in our approaches, company growth and profitability.

The cornerstones of our success will continue to be our people and processes:

Our professional staff offers the technical expertise, regulatory knowledge and industry experience to deliver accelerated investigation, remediation and site closure. With expertise in chemical and unexploded ordnance, we offer skills and personnel to bring about safe and effective cleanup of sites throughout the country. Our research and development capabilities separates KEMRON in the market offering capability in development of innovative technology, remedy selection, bench and pilot testing and prove-out of technology to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our safety culture, a bottoms up program integrated throughout the organization, places safety first for our employees, clients and the public, without exception. With offices nationwide and a staff of more than 170 professionals, we are able to provide local support with a reach back capability of seasoned subject matter experts to ensure a quality product in a cost effective manner.

KEMRON’s multidisciplinary approach to project management is focused on bottom line results and knowledge transfer to keep all stakeholders apprised of project milestones and progress. We’ve designed our project management system and client web portal to provide enhanced project visibility through secure status reports and information exchange. From investigation and consulting, to testing and engineering, to site cleanup and closure, KEMRON offers faster, smarter and more cost-effective solutions, applying innovation at every turn.