, Manufacturing

With our integrated services and multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals, KEMRON works with a broad range of manufacturing industries to solve both routine and unique environmental challenges faced by environmental and operational personnel. Services we have historically provided include environmental investigation, permitting and regulatory compliance, technology evaluation, remedial engineering, regulatory and compliance training, and confidential auditing.

Our team of experienced scientists and engineers work with corporate and facility personnel to understand each manufacturing client site’s priorities, and operational schedules and constraints, to develop realistic and achievable project objectives and goals. Working from the facility’s current environmental conditions and compliance status, KEMRON ensures that applicable environmental regulations are fully integrated into workable, project- and site-specific strategies on a prioritized basis, considering facility needs and environmental risks. KEMRON’s solution-oriented team turns the site-specific strategies, priorities and risk analyses into environmental responses that are compliant and cost-effective.

, Manufacturing

Where appropriate, KEMRON personnel are available to prepare voluntary or self-disclosure documentation to submit to regulatory personnel. Using our strong regulatory knowledge, negotiating skills, and a partnering approach, KEMRON’s regulatory experts have a strong record of negotiating favorable outcomes with local, state and federal authorities. Our technical expertise and project management systems deliver fast, cost-effective solutions for seamless integration into daily facility operations and maintenance procedures to avoid recurrence of environmental incidents or issues and continue maintain compliant programs.

KEMRON’s decades of experience working with manufacturing clients has spanned a wide variety of industrial sectors, including steel, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and other manufacturing facilities. KEMRON has worked with clients throughout the United States, working with USEPA and state regulators. KEMRON has successfully implemented projects for our manufacturing clients that address the following program areas:

  • NPDES permitting, sampling and compliance reporting;
  • Preparation and implementation of SWPPPs;
  • Preparation of SPCC Plans and conduct of SPCC inspections;
  • RCRA Part A and Part B permitting and compliance support;
  • Confidential auditing under CWA, RCRA, UIC, NPDES, SPCC, SWPPP and PSM;
  • Internal surface water, groundwater, air and soil monitoring;
  • Waste minimization plan preparation;
  • RCRA Corrective Action investigation, interim action and corrective measures design and implementation;
  • RCRA contingency plan and emergency procedure development;
  • RCRA closure plan preparation and implementation;
  • Hazardous waste annual report preparation;
  • Orphan site investigation and remediation;
  • Solid waste landfill closure, remediation and long term monitoring;
  • Groundwater monitoring design, implementation and reporting;
  • Groundwater and soil remediation;
  • Vapor intrusion sampling and assessments;
  • UIC permitting, compliance monitoring and reporting;
  • Preparation of Class I UIC hazardous well Land Ban Petitions;
  • UST and AST inspection, investigation, closure and remediation;
  • Release reporting and response;
  • TRI reporting;
  • Industrial hygiene monitoring and reporting;
  • Property acquisition and divestiture assessments and audits;