STUDENTS: Q: What is the training website? A: Q: Where do I get my Access Code? A: You should have received an email containing your course registration information, which includes your Access Code. If you cannot access your email, contact your Regional Administrator. Q: I get an Error message when I try to launch my course.  It says “Boot process stalled 2 times”. A: You need to enable Compatibility View in your web browser.  Click the “broken page” icon in your web address bar at the top of your screen.  See picture below: , KEMRON U Online Q: How do I find a list of available courses that I can request approval for? A: Visit Course List to see available courses. Q: How do I find a description of the available courses? A: Visit Course Description to view descriptions of each course. ADMINISTRATORS: Q: What is the administrator website? A: Q: How do I add completed training from a classroom training? A: Compliance Management > Add Completed Training from the main side menu.  Then input the Training Date at the top.  Then click “Select” beside the Course Name. Q: How do I upload a certificate? A: Document Management > Manage Employee Documents from the main side menu Q: How do I enroll a student for online training through OSCA? A: Log into and click on Registration & Training > Online Course Enrollment from the main side menu.  Then click on Enroll Compliance Roster beside the Course Name.

:: Regional Administrators :: Jennifer Leonard, Laura Bowden, Diane Dennis