Sustainable Practices

Because KEMRON’s commitment to protecting the environment is the cornerstone of our business, we’ve practiced sustainable environmental remediation for more than 30 years. With the continued proliferation of environmental rules and regulations, KEMRON has developed solutions that mitigate environmental risk, reuse and recycle resources and eliminate environmental hazards.

These practices include reclaiming contaminated properties for productive use, developing treatment technologies that detoxify chemical wastes, recycling metals, concrete, chemicals, petroleum and wood wherever possible, using naturally occurring resources like biological and natural attenuation processes to facilitate remediation and identifying alternative uses for waste material to avoid traditional disposal methods. Through our treatability laboratory, we have researched hundreds of environmental remedies including the use of plant life to remove toxins from the environment – a process known as phytoremediation.

We support our clients with professional consulting services to identify and implement sustainable environmental practices, minimizing the carbon footprint of remedial activities and reducing the risks associated with contaminated properties. Through energy management, waste reduction, recycling and continuous improvement, we help clients reach their sustainability goals.