New Jersey Petroleum Refining & Marketing Company

KEMRON was under contract to this petroleum refining and marketing company for site investigations and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination at a facility in Bayonne, New Jersey. KEMRON prepared and conducted a sampling plan to address both soil and ground water lead contamination at the site. The plan was prepared using the New Jersey Administration Code (N.J.A.C.) Part 7, Chapter 26E.

The purpose of the sampling event was to:

  • establish a contaminant gradient for the soils
  • collect ground water samples from the down-gradient monitor wells to determine if the ground water was contaminated

Low flow sampling methodology was used to both purge and sample the ground water from the three monitor wells. The low flow collection method attempts to simulate the aquifer conditions by pumping ground water from the monitor well at a flow rate comparable to the aquifers recharge rate. This was accomplished by setting the intake velocity of the sampling pump to a flow rate that limits drawdown inside the well casing. By simulating the recharge rate, the ground water was not dissolving any additional sediments or other aquifer material. Water parameters were collected at selected intervals and tabulated in the daily log notebook.

KEMRON evaluated innovative remediation approaches and because of the nature of the contamination (low levels of heavy metals, predominantly lead, in soil), was able to reduce the amount of soil to be remediated.

The first phase of activity involved the evaluation of remedial alternatives, the selection of the costeffective alternative, and the development of the Remedial Action Workplan. The second phase of activity involved developing the design of the cost-effective remedy, implementing the cost-effective remedy, and post-remedial monitoring. The third phase of activities involved preparing a Draft and Final Remedial Investigation Report, a Classification Exception Area proposal and a Remedial Action Report.

By evaluating innovative remediation approaches, KEMRON saved the client between 5 and 10% of initially estimated remediation costs.

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