International Airport, Georgia

KEMRON has been providing environmental services to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport to include compliance audits, remediation, investigation, pilot studies, tank removals, excavation, air monitoring and groundwater monitoring. KEMRON is a primary subcontractor on an Environmental Contract for this airport and has completed a variety of projects covering Environmental Sampling, Regulatory Evaluation and Management, Field Surveys, Remediation, and Preparation of Environmental Reports

Examples of work completed under this contract include:


Remediation Field Testing. KEMRON conducted remediation field testing including: conducting soil vapor extraction (SVE) tests, conducting high-vacuum, multi-phase extraction tests and reporting of results. The field testing included collection of pre-test groundwater and free product levels from eight groundwater monitoring wells and one product extraction well. The specific data objectives included the soil-air permeability and potential effectiveness of high-vacuum, multi-phase extraction for product recovery.

The high-vacuum, multi-phase extraction test was conducted to assess the potential effectiveness of this technology for future free product removal. The test was conducted on the existing product recovery well, which has been observed as containing a product thickness of 10 feet. Data collected during the test included vacuum measurements for groundwater monitoring wells and groundwater/free product level data from all wells following the test. Air flow and total hydrocarbon measurements were recorded along with estimates of product and groundwater recovery.

Free Product Recovery and Pilot Testing. KEMRON performed free product recovery at Pit # 19 using the KEMVAC system. KEMVAC is a proprietary dual-phase vacuum extraction and thermal oxidation system developed by KEMRON. A JP4 fuel lead occurred in the hydrant fueling system producing free product on groundwater. The leak is located at gate A19, the busiest location at the airport. KEMRON performed a one-day, high vapor, multi-phase extraction pilot test. The objective of pilot test was to determine if this remedial technology is a cost-effective solution for cleanup of this high traffic volume site.

Environmental Compliance Audits. KEMRON provided consulting services to the airport’s Department of Aviation (DOA) to perform a multi-media environmental compliance audit of airport tenants. Three auditing teams, consisting of three individuals with varied compliance backgrounds, performed the environmental compliance audits over a three-month period in 2003. The multi-media environmental compliance audit encompassed the following areas of concern: Chemical Product Importation, Oil Pollution Control and Contingency Planning, Spill Response and Release Reporting, USTs, Wetlands, Hazardous Materials Management, PCBs, Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, and Water Quality. Each environmental compliance audit was completed by utilizing a three-step process. A pre-audit questionnaire was either picked up by the tenant or mailed to the tenant at least one month prior to scheduling the audit. A site visit and records review was scheduled with the environmental coordinator or manager of each tenant at least one week in advance. A site visit and records review was performed including an exit meeting with the tenant to discuss potential areas of concern identified during the audit.

A summary memorandum was generated to summarize audit findings for each tenant. The summary memorandum was forwarded to the DOA Environmental Projects Manager and the tenant representative. Tank Tightness Testing. KEMRON performed UST tightness testing for four underground storage tanks and associated piping; two (2) 600 gallon USTs located at building 6 fuel island and two 12,000 gallon USTs located at building 4 fuel island at HJAIA.

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