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KEMRON held a master service agreement with a Class I railroad for more than 10 years completing more than 200 projects. KEMRON completed a wide range of environmental services to include site investigations, engineering studies and remediation programs at railyards; removal of USTs from active and inactive railyards; emergency response to derailment/spill sites; preacqusition and divestiture audits; corrective actions; and large remediation in support of redevelopment. Representative experience includes:

Nationwide Tank Program. Under contract to the client, KEMRON removed over 300 USTs at various rail facilities throughout the eastern United States. Project activities included initial notification, site assessment, tank removal, free product recovery, soil remediation, soil and groundwater investigations and continuing investigative and remedial services necessary to achieve clean closure of each tank pit according to state guidelines.

Port Covington. KEMRON conducted a $7.5 million turnkey investigation and remediation of Port Covington site in port_covingtonBaltimore, MD, a 189-acre former railyard and port facility, for Brownfield redevelopment into a marina, hotel, office park and a newspaper’s printing plant/office complex. KEMRON conducted a preliminary assessment/site investigation to determine the extent and type of contamination. KEMRON developed remedial goals to address levels of arsenic, cadmium, lead, petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organics found on site. KEMRON conducted a remedial investigation and feasibility study.Following selection of remedial options, KEMRON then implemented a large remediation program including: removal of surface refuse piles, emptying of septic tanks, removal of 200 drums of unknown contents, removal of contaminated soil from maintenance buildings and decommissioning/closure of 30 fuel storage tanks. KEMRON completed long term remedial actions using bioremediation of over 50,000 yards of contaminated soil and stabilization/fixation of 20,000 yards of lead contaminated soil.

Barr Yard. KEMRON conducted a comprehensive soil and groundwater investigation at the locomotive fueling facility located at a rail yard in Chicago, IL. Petroleum contamination was identified throughout the fueling area and was encroaching onto other areas of the rail yard. KEMRON developed a product recovery and soil remediation program integrated it into the engineering plans for upgrading the fueling area. The design/build solution developed and implemented consisted of the installation of a series of recovery trenches, installation of five lift stations, installation of 480 feet of horizontal wells and removal and disposal of contaminated soils.

Ellicottville, NY. KEMRON conducted a surgical removal of zinc ore from a train derailment incident. Box cars containing zinc ore derailed spilling the ore along several hundred feet of track bed in Ellicottville, NY. After the majority of the spilled material was removed, KEMRON performed a site investigation of the residual metals, contaminated track bed, and adjacent farmland. Cadmium, a secondary component of the ore, was of concern to the regulators. The KEMRON team conducted a risk evaluation of the cadmium contamination in three distinct environments – limited access railroad trackage, resort development property, and agricultural land. The remedial action plan included three remedial approaches; each tailored to the particular risk and concern of each environment contaminated.

Eckington Railyard. KEMRON conducted a comprehensive environmental and hydrogeologic evaluation of a former rail yard and three nearby parcels in Washington DC to determine if contamination existed from prior usage which would preclude redevelopment of these parcels for commercial use. A site history records search was performed and historical aerial photographs were reviewed. Remedial clean-up levels were negotiated with the District of Columbia Environmental Agency. KEMRON also surveyed onsite buildings for Asbestos.

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