Sayreville Parcel A

KEMRON was retained by the property owner to complete a 27-acre cap and 5-acre wetland creation project for a large scale Brownfields redevelopment project located on the Raritan River in Sayreville, New Jersey. This project was conducted as the first phase of a 480-acre mixed use redevelopment project. The specific Remedial Action Objective (RAO) for the site was to cap soils which contained concentrations of constituents of concerns that exceeded residential soil cleanup standards.


KEMRON began preparation of this capping and wetland construction project by establishing field support facilities including field offices, material storage areas and the construction of all project haul routes. KEMRON was also responsible for obtaining special traffic permitting for vehicular traffic to and from the site. Concurrently with this activity, KEMRON completed the clearing and chipping of vegetation in the disturbed total wetland impacted area. The trees will were chipped and used onsite for erosion control. Some tree root balls were incorporated into the overall wetland design as instructed by the on-site wetland design engineer. Once the areas were cleared an existing topographic survey was completed in order to determine the zero balance cut and fill volumes available and the resulting elevations prior to the cap construction. Water management systems were installed and kept in continuous operation as required to keep the cut and fill zones dry during construction.

Following site preparation activities, KEMRON established grade control for the site and began excavation of the wetland areas while placing the material as backfill in order to meet design grades within available cut quantities of approximately 37,000 cubic yards. All soils will were placed and compacted in lifts creating the cap sub grade. Following placement and compaction of the wetland cap sub grade soils, KEMRON began the placement of the cap material to include importing approximately68,000 cubic yards of clean common fill. Upon placement of the 85,000 cubic yards (18-inch depth) of clean fill, KEMRON imported and placed 40,000 cubic yards of topsoil (6-inch depth). This total capped area is approximately 27 acres inclusive of the final wetland area of 5.7 acres.

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