Manufactured Gas Plant

KEMRON was contracted to perform a remedy screening treatability study on two contaminated materials sampled from a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) site located in Stockton, California. The treatability study was conducted was for an in-situ solidification contractor on behalf of an electric and natural gas distributor, to evaluate the feasibility of in situ solidification / stabilization for treatment of sludges sampled from the site.

Two candidate site materials were subjected to ISTD distillation treatment performed at two target temperatures and two retention times. During treatment, De-Ionized (DI) water was injected into the test material via a low volume peristaltic pump. The quantity of water injected was outlined by TerraTherm and included specified pore volumes, based on the treatment duration.

Throughout treatments, KEMRON performed constant temperature monitoring of the soil and injected water, and organic vapors in the off-gas via a flame ionization detector (FID). All vapors were passed through a distillation treatment and indicated that total volatile organic compound concentrations were reduced by more than 98%, and Diesel Range Organics (DROs) were reduced by more than 87%. Total semi-volatile organic compounds were reduced for many compounds but in general proved more difficult to treat than the volatile compounds.

The mobilization of DNAPL was evaluated by passing a specified pore volume of chilled water through the test soil while at ambient temperature. An additional specified pore volume of water was then passed through the test soil during heating. Throughout testing, KEMRON monitored the soil and water injection temperatures, the pressure within the test system, and visual clarity of the water exiting the system.

Geotechnical testing of certain treated site soil types was performed to ensure that thermal treatment did not adversely affect the physical properties of the site soils.

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West VA Utility Company

Project activities performed on behalf of this power company include groundwater sampling, monitoring well installation, enhanced bioremediation utilizing oxygen releasing compounds (ORC) and remediation through excavation of impacted soil.

KEMRON transitioned this project from a previous contractor by retaining key project personnel to provide site knowledge and maintain correspondence with regulatory agencies. KEMRON’s personnel have conducted UST removals, site investigations and groundwater monitoring services with the client at their service center Facilities throughout West Virginia.

Reports generated from these projects include quarterly groundwater sampling reports, corrective measures reports, initial site characterization reports, environmental site assessment reports and UST closure reports.

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Natural Gas Company

KEMRON was retained by this natural gas distributor to conduct comprehensive environmental compliance audits at 13 of its operating locations in North Central West Virginia. The locations included natural gas distribution centers, maintenance facilities, compressor stations, oil and gas production wells, and offices.

KEMRON was retained by this natural gas distributor to conduct comprehensive environmental compliance audits at 13 of its operating locations in North Central West Virginia. The locations included natural gas distribution centers, maintenance facilities, compressor stations, oil and gas production wells, and offices.

KEMRON developed and completed an inspection checklist for each site as to aid in the evaluation of potential environmental compliance requirements. Each location was surveyed and a thorough site reconnaissance performed. Management and employees at each location were interviewed and pertinent records reviewed.

The applicability and compliance status of each location relative to local, state and federal environmental regulations was reviewed. Included in the evaluation were: solid and hazardous waste management; SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure) requirements; air emissions and permitting; storm water and process water management and permitting; raw materials storage and handling; and general observations on site housekeeping, spill or release potential, and environmental impacts noted.

A summary report of findings at each location with conclusions and recommendations was prepared. The information was used by the client’s legal staff in the development of standard internal procedures to be implemented at all company operating locations.

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Regional Utility Company

KEMRON performed services under a Basic Ordering Agreement with this utility client to provide underground storage tank services at sites throughout Georgia. KEMRON is responsible for technical and financial planning, providing recommendations on all aspects of UST corrective action, communication with Georgia Environmental Protection Division, and plotting a course of action to reach a No Further Action Required (NFAR) status for each UST site. KEMRON has provided direct oversight, guidance and management of 11 active sites. We have prepared and reviewed corrective action plans and risk assessments for the sites.


KEMRON was selected by the client to perform Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) under a Basic Ordering Agreement. KEMRON performed the ESAs according to client requirements and ASTM standards for Commercial Real Estate (E 1527). Based on a survey of ascertainable information, a site inspection, and other appropriate inquiry, KEMRON reported on past or present activities on the subject properties. KEMRON performed over 40 ESAs in Georgia.

The ESAs included a review of records maintained by various federal, state, and local government agencies, a site reconnaissance, review of ascertainable site history information (chain-of-title, aerial photographs, USGS topographic maps, etc.), and interviews with people knowledgeable of the site history. These activities are conducted to determine the present and past use of the site. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources Natural Heritage Program was also consulted to determine the location and status of certain rare, threatened, or endangered species that may exist on and/or in the vicinity of the site.

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